What can you expect to find in Palestrina?

This hill town located just outside of Rome is not only a gateway the rolling Monti Prenestini, but it is a center of culture and history unparalleled by other towns in Lazio. Visitors are often surprised to learn the town’s history of destruction and renaissance, as the home of Popes, as a religious center (in ancient times a pagan sanctuary, in modern times a Bishop diocese), as the home of polyphonic music, as a place of inspiration for artists and authors such as Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Thomas Mann.

Rome Altavista holiday home Entrance

Why Altavista Holiday Home is a great place to stay

For a relaxing getaway, a long romantic weekend, a cultural visit to the area… Altavista is the perfect place to stay near Rome. This self catering rental home in the hill town of Palestrina offers the right combination of comfort and quality at the perfect price. The two-bedroom home is a fantastic base for exploring the area and getting to know an authentic Italy that is full of beauty. The house is located in the upper part of town just steps from the National Archeological Museum which is located at the summit of the largest pagan temple dedicated to the goddess of fortune and which houses the famous mosaic of the Nile River. Nearby are small shops and tourist atttractions, and a ten minute walk down to the center of town leads visitors to the restaurants, shops, ATM, main cathedral and post office.

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Buon Appetito!

One of the best things about visitng Italy is that the food is amazing. Fresh ingredients, talented cooks, traditional recipes, food and wine pairing all contribute to making delicious dishes that satisfy our taste buds, add to our culinary culture and keep us wanting more.